MYNG 1.01 - the Deliberation RuleML Schema Selection Form


Make selections from the form below. Click to Download the generated RNC schema or an approximating XSD anchor schema. To view the Relax NG driver schema, click "Generate Schema", then scroll down. To reset the form to the default (supremum) values, click "Reset Form".

(Select One)
  1. Atomic Formulas
  2. Ground Fact
  3. Ground Logic
  4. Datalog
  5. Horn Logic
  6. Full First-Order Logic
(Check Zero or More)
  1. IRIs
  2. Rulebases
  3. Entailments
  4. Degree of Uncertainty
  5. Strong Negation
  6. Weak Negation
         (Negation as Failure)
  7. Node Identifiers
  8. In-Place Annotation
  9. XML base
  10. XML id
(Check Zero or More)
  1. Equivalences
  2. Inference Direction
  3. Non-Material
  4. Conjunctive Heads
  5. Negative Constraints
  6. Disjunctive Heads
  7. Existential Heads
Term Sequences:
Number of Terms
(Select One)
  1. None
  2. Unary (Zero or One)
  3. Binary (Zero or Two)
  4. Unary/Binary (Zero to Two)
  5. Polyadic (Zero or More)
(Check Zero or More)
  1. Object Identifiers
  2. Slots
  3. Slot Cardinality
  4. Slot Weight
  5. Equations
  6. Oriented Equations
  7. Term Typing
  8. Data Terms
  9. Skolem Constants
  10. Reified Terms
(Check Zero or More)
  1. Implicit Closure
  2. Slotted Rest Variables
  3. Positional Rest Variables
(Check Zero or More)
  1. Generalized Lists
  2. Set-valued Expressions
  3. Interpreted Expressions
(Check Zero or More)
  1. Unordered Groups
  2. Stripe-Skipping
  3. Explicit Datatyping
  4. Schema Location Attribute
Treatment of Attributes
With Default Values
(Select One)
  1. Required to be Absent
  2. Required to be Present
  3. Optional
(Select One)

  1. English Abbreviated Names
  2. English Long Names
  3. French Long Names
Relax NG Schema
Query String URL =
Equivalent myng-code URL =

XSD Anchor Schema URL =


The RNC and XSD Schema URLs may be used directly for online validation - copy and paste as required by the validator. For a demonstration of RNC validation using the online service, see How to Validate with the RuleML Parameterized Relax NG Schema. Some scripts and processing instructions may require that the character "&" be replaced by "&".

Clicking on the "Download RNC Schema" button downloads a copy of the schema driver into a file named according to the text labelled "RNC". To use the schema driver locally (offline), a local copy of the modules directory is also necessary - for download instructions, see the Deliberation RuleML 1.01 Relax NG Directory. For more information about the re-engineering of RuleML into Relax NG, which made this modularization possible, see the MYNG page on the RuleML Wiki.

Schema Driver