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The examples of this directory are grouped into (sub-)subdirectories roughly corresponding to anchor languages. In the instance documents at the leaves of the main directory, xml-model processing instructions (PIs) and/or xsi:schemaLocation attributes are used to indicate RNC, NVDL, or XSD schemas that the instances should validate against. Please see Appendix 3, Appendix 4, and Appendix 5 of the Deliberation RuleML 1.02 Specification for information on validating these examples against Relax NG schemas, NVDL scripts, and XSD schemas, resp. Besides the primary instance documents with filename extension .ruleml, secondary documents with other filename extensions .<ext> are sometimes included to illustrate meaning and interoperation of primary documents (using the same filename, i.e. instance.ruleml and instance.<ext>). The RuleML validation scripts only process leaf documents with filename extension .ruleml (ignoring everything else). Some instance documents are intended as counter-examples for validation, as indicated by their names of the form instance_fail.ruleml.

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