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Deliberation PSOA RuleML 1.03 RelaxNG Directory

Deliberation PSOA RuleML 1.03 RelaxNG Directory

This directory contains the "modules" subdirectory of core Relax NG modules as well as a number of static Relax NG driver schemas.

      Name                                                                             Last modified         Size  Description
up Parent Directory 21-Mar-2020 08:10 - directory modules 15-Apr-2020 16:30 - unknown hornlogrepoexpr4xsd.rnc 13-Sep-2018 18:21 12k unknown hornlogrepoexpr_normal.rnc 13-Sep-2018 18:21 12k unknown hornlogrepoexpr_normal4xsd.rnc 13-Sep-2018 18:21 12k unknown hornlogrepoexpr_relaxed.rnc 13-Sep-2018 18:21 12k unknown naffologeqPSOA_compact.rnc 09-Mar-2020 11:30 12k unknown naffologeqPSOA_compact4simp.rnc 09-Mar-2020 11:30 12k unknown naffologeqPSOA_compact4xsd.rnc 26-Feb-2020 13:50 12k unknown naffologeqPSOA_normal4simp.rnc 09-Mar-2020 11:30 12k unknown naffologeqPSOA_normal4xsd.rnc 09-Mar-2020 11:30 12k unknown naffologeq_compact.rnc 13-Sep-2018 18:21 12k unknown naffologeq_compact4simp.rnc 13-Sep-2018 18:21 12k unknown naffologeq_compact4xsd.rnc 13-Sep-2018 18:21 12k unknown naffologeq_deterministic4simp.rnc 13-Sep-2018 18:21 12k unknown naffologeq_ifthen-compact.rnc 13-Sep-2018 18:21 12k unknown naffologeq_ifthen-compact4xsd.rnc 13-Sep-2018 18:21 12k unknown nafhologeq4xsd.rnc 13-Sep-2018 18:21 12k unknown nafhologeq_compact.rnc 13-Sep-2018 18:21 12k unknown nafhologeq_compact4simp.rnc 13-Sep-2018 18:21 12k unknown nafhologeq_compact4xsd.rnc 13-Sep-2018 18:21 12k unknown nafhologeq_deterministic4simp.rnc 13-Sep-2018 18:21 12k unknown nafhologeq_ifthen-compact.rnc 13-Sep-2018 18:21 12k unknown nafhologeq_ifthen-compact4xsd.rnc 13-Sep-2018 18:21 12k unknown nafhologeq_normal.rnc 13-Sep-2018 18:21 12k unknown nafhologeq_normal4simp.rnc 13-Sep-2018 18:21 12k unknown nafhologeq_normal4xsd.rnc 13-Sep-2018 18:21 12k unknown nafhologeq_relaxed.rnc 13-Sep-2018 18:21 16k unknown nafhologeq_relaxed4simp.rnc 13-Sep-2018 18:21 16k


To download the complete Deliberation PSOA RuleML 1.03 repository, use the Github Download.

To download a zip archive of the Deliberation PSOA modules only Click Here.

Schema Drivers for Anchor Languages

The following table lists rows that are partially ordered from less- to more-expressive anchor languages. The RNC schema drivers whose links are provided in the table are built on-the-fly by the MYNG PHP engine. The primary purpose of these links is online validation. The intended usage is to copy the link and paste it into a validation script or processing instruction. Clicking on the links will download (only) the schema driver file. If you plan to use a local copy of one or more of these drivers, please also download the modules from one of the download links above. RuleML users may recommend additional anchor languages for future versions through the RuleML Wiki Issue Manager. To obtain a Wiki account, contact: webmaster {A T}

Anchor Language Normalized Serialization Relaxed Serialization Compact Serialization
bindatagroundfact RNC RNC
bindatagroundlog RNC RNC
bindatalog RNC RNC
datalog_min RNC RNC
disdatalog_min RNC RNC
datalog RNC RNC
datalogplus_min RNC RNC
disdatalogplus_min RNC RNC
datalogplus_mid RNC RNC
disdatalogplus_mid RNC RNC
nafdatalog RNC RNC
negdatalog RNC RNC
nafnegdatalog RNC RNC
nafnegdisdatalogplus RNC RNC
hornlog RNC RNC
hornlogeq RNC RNC
dishornlog RNC RNC
nafhornlog RNC RNC
nafneghornlogeq RNC RNC
nafnegdishornlogplus RNC RNC
folog RNC RNC
fologeq RNC RNC
naffolog RNC RNC
naffologeq RNC RNC RNC
nafhologeq RNC RNC RNC
naffologeqPSOA RNC RNC RNC

Schema Drivers for Customized Languages

The MYNG PHP engine published at accepts a query string that may be used, indirectly through an extended MYNG GUI or directly by advanced users, to customize a RuleML language. (Note that acessing the PHP script without a query string produces a schema corresponding to the naffologeq language in the relaxed serialization.) Because the more than fifty schema modules are freely-combinable, a large number of customized languages is available (see The MYNG 1.01 Suite for Deliberation RuleML 1.01: Taming the Language Lattice). A naming convention has been adopted to identify these languages, illustrated as follows:
Language Name Query String
myng-b3f-d7-a2-l1-p3ff-i7f-tf3f-q3-ef-s4f ?backbone=x3f&default=x7&termseq=x2&lng=x1&propo=x3ff&implies=x7f&terms=xf3f&quant=x3&expr=xf&serial=x4f
The first letter of the (MYNG-)facet (backbone, default, ...) is used in the encoding, except for the facet "termseq", where the letter "a" (for -adicity or -arity) is used to disambiguate from the "terms" facet. Myng-code URLs of the form are redirected to the longer PHP/query string URL as a convenience.


An extended MYNG GUI for Deliberation PSOA RuleML 1.03 can be based on the MYNG GUI for Deliberation RuleML 1.03, which is freely available online for automatically constructing a customized language from the user's feature selections. Such an extended MYNG GUI can be powered by the MYNG PHP engine for Deliberation PSOA RuleML 1.03. For details of the schema modularization approach that makes this fine-grained customization possible, see the MYNG Wiki page, or the publication describing the re-engineering of RuleML in Relax NG.
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