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up Parent Directory 15-Apr-2020 16:30 - unknown PsoaExpressionConstraints.sch 15-Apr-2020 16:30 4k unknown PsoaExpressionConstraintsNS.sch 15-Apr-2020 16:30 4k unknown PsoaExpressionConstraintsNoNS.sch 15-Apr-2020 16:30 4k unknown naffologeqPSOA_fail.ruleml 15-Apr-2020 16:30 12k

This directory contains *.sch Schematron files for validating constraints on psoa expressions in *.ruleml instance files as found, e.g., in PsoaExpressionConstraints.sch will report psoa-expression constraint violations of candidate instances with or without an xmlns attribute indicating the ruleml namespace (i.e., <RuleML xmlns="" ...>). Two stand-alone Schematron files are also available: PsoaExpressionConstraintsNS.sch, only for candidate instances with the ruleml namespace, and PsoaExpressionConstraintsNoNS.sch, only for candidate instances without the ruleml namespace.
An instance intended to fail, naffologeqPSOA_fail.ruleml, is also included.

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